• Let food be thy medicine...

  • ...and let medicine be thy food. (Hippocrates)

  • Real Whole Foods.

  • Nutrient-dense ingredients.

  • Naturally healing.

  • Traditionally prepared.

  • Seasonally enjoyed.

  • Locally grown.

  • Delicious & functional for optimal nutrition.

  • Traditionally prepared.

  • Properly combined.

  • Specific to You

  • Custom flavor and nutrient profiles.

  • Simple and authentic.

  • Powerfully transformational.

  • …and sometimes downright decadent!



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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy identifies the root causes of deficiencies or imbalances that may be making you sick or keeping you from optimal health. By focusing on the foundations of health, nutritional therapy improves the assimilation of the nutrients you consume, which enables your body to reverse or delay chronic illness. Nutritional therapists do not diagnose or treat disease; rather they work to correct imbalances with the goal of gently guiding you back to optimal health.

Customized to You

We are all bio-individual beings and Functional Gourmet’s specific assessment process identifies specific imbalances in your body chemistry. These imbalances or nutritional deficiencies are corrected through diet, lifestyle changes and targeted nutrients so you can regain health and vitality. 

A sophisticated online intake process will conveniently gather all client information online while a custom client portal will keep all your nutritional recommendations at your fingertips.

Eating for Health


Functional Gourmet nutritional coaching works in concert with the principles of functional medicine, which addresses the underlying causes of disease. Uta Birkmayer (BS, MPS, HC, AADP, NTP) focuses on balancing the whole person with functional nutrition, correct preparation methods and delicious recipes that satisfy and heal. Whether you are facing serious health issues or you simply wish to boost energy and age gracefully, Uta will help you find your personal path by identifying imbalances and discussing your nutritional options. Uta will motivate and coach you to implement better food choices to that enable your body to heal itself.

Wherever You Are

All of Functional Gourmet’s clients receive their own private nutritional portal, where they may access customized nutritional recommendations, meal plans, supplement plans, recipes, educational material, session summaries and recordings and all client-practitioner communications. 

Clients may access this information on any device, anywhere in the world. Nutritional coaching has never been easier!

Free Assessment

Free Assessment

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