Food is an integral part of our lives. It is tied to celebrations, to sustenance, to comfort, to replenishing, to memories—and in all traditional cultures food is connected to health and wellbeing. We are bio-diverse beings and don't all thrive on the same foods and not all foods nourish a person all the time. Functional Gourmet believes that everyone has a personal functional nutrition code: the foods that energize and balance you to be at your happiest, healthiest self. Functional Gourmet's Mantra "Real Foods Real Me" expresses what Uta deeply believes it: if you nourish your body with foods that optimally sustain it, you will not only achieve optimal health but the vitality, energy and disposition to be all you are meant to be. Uta works with you to live a delicious, healthy and fulfilled life.

It is Functional Gourmet's vision to provide affordable, personalized and foundational nutrition coaching services accessible to all persons in search of health optimization through nutrition. Our mission is to deliver effective, efficient, transformative and affordable personalized nutrition therapy coaching through Uta's custom personalized web-integrated approach, the NutriPortal, a web-based gateway to your personalized nutrition recommendations, recipes, session recordings, ongoing coach interactions and so much more.

Uta stays abreast with new and traditional nutrition research, is constantly developing and tweaking recipes for her clients and foster an environment of learning, understanding, inspiration and human connection. Uta believes in respecting our ancestors for their wisdom and our contemporaries to translate this wisdom into the lives we live today.

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