Sarah Coniglio, DC.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2002 and spent 12 years struggling to come up with a solution to keep it at bay. Uta Birkmayer was recommended by a very good friend and cancer survivor after he attended a cooking demo Uta held for the Cancer Support Community. Having been hospitalized twice and prescribed many pharmaceutical options, I was very unhappy with the approach that â"diet has nothing to do with the disease". Until Uta, I had some pieces of the puzzle, but the way they fit together was elusive. Her practical approach made sense and integrated into my daily habits. The delicious foods are satisfying and healing - I have no desire for my former diet. Anyone with a condition that has not responded to conventional medicine (particularly autoimmune and psychological) MUST give Uta's nutritional methods a try. I am happy to say that after 5 months on the protocol my blood work shows half of the previous inflammation. I am able to work out and am gaining muscle mass and fitness that I haven't had in years. I am extremely pleased with the results! Thank you Uta!

Gary Foresman, M.D.

As a doctor who believes in the therapeutic power of foods, I often see a disconnect between my recommendations and the actual implementation of these diets into patients' lives. Uta's programs bridge this gap perfectly. For medical conditions ranging from cancer, heart disease, diabetes to food allergies and obesity, Uta's programs honor personal taste and lifestyle preferences of the individual. By introducing powerfully healing foods, meals and treats that are gastronomic pleasures, individuals journey towards their healthiest self.

Sharon Norling, M.D.

Uta has been a tremendous asset to my patients. Her knowledge, creativity and caring enable children and adults to eat the meals they love in spite of their food sensitivities. Her recipes are not only healthy, delicious and nutritious, but are tailored to each patient's personal preferences and food sensitivities. Many clients even tell me that they love their new foods more than the foods they were challenged to replace!

David M. Marquis, DC, DACBN

I have observed Uta Birkmayer for many years as she has created numerous delectable feasts out of virtually no obvious menu items. She has an uncanny skill for taking the mundane and making it delicious and nutritious. Having lived gluten free, dairy free, soy free and sugar free for decades, she understands the frustrations patients experience as they begin the life change to cleaning these common dietary triggers from their kitchen. More importantly, Uta understands how to move forward and make the experience not only painless but enjoyable and extremely tasty! I encourage anyone who is challenged with food allergies and medical diet restrictions to work with Uta to improve their health and clean up their diet to take the steps necessary to identify their inflammatory triggers. .Uta will guide them on the home front and in the kitchen to recreate the life of health and vitality we all envision for ourselves.

Zoe Wells, M.D.

Uta is really a gift for people who want to pursue a higher level of health. She offers step-by-step support, tools, and coaching to help people take the necessary steps for their health while making it easy, practical, and realistic. She takes the stress out of change!

Krissy & Chase Stewart, mother & son

Uta came into my life during a time of complete uncertainty. My little 4 yr. old boy has struggled with multiple conditions since he was born: severe asthma, allergies and acid reflux. After numerous visits with multiple specialists, high doses of medications & many medical procedures later, he was only getting worse. My worst fears were beginning to haunt my mind. Luckily, we found Dr. Sharon Norling, an Integrative/Functional MD, who after only a few tests found that my son was infected with fungus and yeast in his intestinal tract and allergic to so many foods: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, most beans/legumes and all nuts. I was in a total panic after hearing the results, thinking to myself "What is my 4-year-old son supposed to eat?" Dr. Norling recommended that I have a consultation with Uta. After signing up with Functional Gourmet, Uta spent two days teaching in our home. I was able to cook and prepare my son's favorite foods (chicken nuggets and mac & "cheese") with whole, organic foods and alternative ingredients. The food actually tasted even better with the alternative ingredients. Uta shopped with me and gave me tips on how to eat out while still keeping on the same food program. I am happy to say that my son, in just six weeks, is thriving! He is so much happier, he belly-laughs for the first time in months, has color in his face and is running around and playing just like a little four-year old boy should! He grew an inch in four weeks, is off seven of his eight medications and hasn't had any stomach issues. Uta has been a Godsend! 

Chase says 'I "growed" an inch in a month since I haven't been throwing up from all that bad food.'

Terese Dudarewicz, M.D.

Uta is an absolute genius! Her passion and knowledge about food and nutrition, her hard work and endless creativity have developed a masterful solution that bridges medical diets and gourmet food we all enjoy. 

I am quite a good cook and I don't diet. However I have recently discovered that I myself have allergies to gluten, eggs and dairy. So what is left to eat? Uta asked for a copy of my allergy tests, questioned me about my favorite foods, created a personal cookbook for me and gave me a cooking class. I could not believe what is possible in the kitchen! Uta produced all my favorites: breaded chicken tenders, whipped cream (she made it from macadamia nuts) and pastries from coconut and almond flours. All dishes were low-glycemic and packed with flavor, nutrients, antioxidants and healthy fats—so delicious!

Uta is a thoroughly authentic person; before presenting diets to her clients, she experiments and tests all recipes, customizing them for patients' flavor preferences and doctors' specific medical recommendations. She even followed a Ketogenic diet herself to understand how this cancer/epilepsy diet feels for patients. It is a difficult and very uncomfortable diet at the beginning, but Uta knows that immersion is the best way to create delicious and practical solutions for her clients. Uta is ageless, classy and—you absolutely want her energy! She is a pioneer on the road to stop and prevent toxic food-induced debilitating diseases--a huge asset we so desperately need in medicine. I visit national functional medicine conferences regularly and know that Uta's Functional Gourmet is a solution so many of us doctors need for our patients and am hopeful that Uta's programs will soon be available on a national basis.

Raymond & Nina-Marie Cattaneo

Our life changed significantly. Around Ray's 1-year anniversary of bladder & prostate cancer diagnosis, we were facing diabetes and high blood pressure. (I say "we" because, if you go through even half of the health challenges we have gone through, health becomes a "we" factor.) Needless to say, our dietary needs changed significantly. No more pizza chased with ice cream! Our doctor's recommendation: No grains, No dairy, No sugars. Uta says: "Don"t worry!" She is fantastic! After working with Uta, our menu not only has all the flavors we love, but is prepared with wholesome ingredients that are good for us. We have a revamped kitchen and pantry, feel great and have lost a combined total of twenty-six pounds in the past two months. The weight loss was a bonus. We thank you Uta for the new and healthy way we are now eating and living.

Wendy Wiese, mother

Ever since Kevin (16) had been diagnosis with severe gluten, dairy and egg allergies, he not only missed his favorite foods but was challenged with the chalky and gooey consistencies of his medical foods. They were definitely helping him, but hard to get down on a daily basis. Thanks to Uta, Kevin is enjoying his favorite foods again: Chicken Parmesan, Beef Stroganoff, buttery Italian Bread Sticks and even Coconut Cream Pie—without gluten, dairy, nuts or egg! Then Uta started to work on his medical foods and developed a chocolate truffle that contains all of his essential lipids! Now it's just a truffle a day, washed down with a virgin Pina Colada smoothie! Although Kevin still misses eating some of the dishes at his favorite restaurants, he is definitely happier about his everyday food. Katie, my daughter, is also enjoying the same recipes!

Dr. Richard P. Wishner

Dr. Foresman suggested I contact Uta Birkmayer to help me make the necessary dietary changes to enhance my recovery chances from prostate cancer. So far my PSA has dropped significantly and in the last DNA based test they couldn't find the cancer. Also my wife feels much better with our new menu. Uta was fun to work with. She first assessed the situation by learning what foods I love and how we cook in order to create new recipes and dishes that follow the medical recommendations and food sensitivity tests. Before the actual cooking lessons in our home Uta helped us purge unhealthy foods from our pantry, refrigerator and freezer, followed by a health food shopping session that helped restock the shelves with beautiful new foods that are good for us. Uta explained the theory behind managing inflammation through low-glycemic and Omega 3 rich foods as well as nutrient-dense organic produce. We loved the cooking class and are enjoying our delicious new foods. I had my first (grass-fed) steak in a year. A particular challenge was replacing my favorite treat: Oatmeal Raisin Yogurt Walnut Cookies. Oats, cinnamon and walnuts were not only foods where I showed strong food sensitivities, but its glycemic load was off the charts. Uta created a very satisfying cookie for me, crunchy and delicious and good for me! You know, if you end up loving your new foods, it's really easy to stay motivated!

Paula & Cindy Ault

I am caregiver to my sister Paula. I have only been doing this a short while but in that time I have seen my sister deteriorate dramatically. She suffers from multiple-chemical-sensitivity; allergies to all food groups, especially gluten; she has fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis in the neck -- and Parkinson's. Lately, her major complaint has been constipation; because of that she has been losing too much weight and eating so very little. She had become terrified of food and the effects it had on her racked body. One of Paula's doctors recommended Uta Birkmayer from Functional Gourmet. Paula, ever hopeful of a favorable outcome to what her doctors prescribe, was very anxious for any help Uta could give. Unlike so many of the treatments, medicines and attempts to ease her suffering, this experience with Uta has been a wonder that brings tears to my heart. Uta did all the shopping, providing me with a list of good foods to stock our shelves; she came to the house and, using our kitchen utensils and paraphernalia, she washed, chopped, cooked and packaged 16 days' worth of Paula's 4-Day-Rotation diet meals, at 3 meals a day. Before she began she had Paula taste test different ingredients unknown to us and Paula reacted to only two of them, so Uta did not use them. Uta stressed maintaining contact in order to tweak different recipes and make adjustments according to Paula's likes and dislikes, portion sizes, etc. From the first meal we ate (one additional meal Uta cooked after a very long day) for Paula, her husband Bill, and myself, we were all thrilled. Paula lost all anxiety about eating and had the first hearty meal she has had in 4 months! She slept well and woke up with hope and joy at the thought of a day filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. For me this experience has been a life-changer. Prior to watching and then tasting Uta's cooking, I avoided the kitchen like the plague. I love to eat but hate, hate, hate to cook. (My value in the kitchen is cleanup). The following night I jumped right in to cook Bill's and my dinner (Paula threatened both of us if we even thought about touching her food) without gnashing of teeth and was praised for a more than edible meal; it actually tasted GOOD. Uta is changing our lives. She has been a gift from God.

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