Terese Dudarewicz, M.D.

Uta is an absolute genius! Her passion and knowledge about food and nutrition, her hard work and endless creativity have developed a masterful solution that bridges medical diets and gourmet food we all enjoy. 

I am quite a good cook and I don't diet. However I have recently discovered that I myself have allergies to gluten, eggs and dairy. So what is left to eat? Uta asked for a copy of my allergy tests, questioned me about my favorite foods, created a personal cookbook for me and gave me a cooking class. I could not believe what is possible in the kitchen! Uta produced all my favorites: breaded chicken tenders, whipped cream (she made it from macadamia nuts) and pastries from coconut and almond flours. All dishes were low-glycemic and packed with flavor, nutrients, antioxidants and healthy fats—so delicious!

Uta is a thoroughly authentic person; before presenting diets to her clients, she experiments and tests all recipes, customizing them for patients' flavor preferences and doctors' specific medical recommendations. She even followed a Ketogenic diet herself to understand how this cancer/epilepsy diet feels for patients. It is a difficult and very uncomfortable diet at the beginning, but Uta knows that immersion is the best way to create delicious and practical solutions for her clients. Uta is ageless, classy and—you absolutely want her energy! She is a pioneer on the road to stop and prevent toxic food-induced debilitating diseases--a huge asset we so desperately need in medicine. I visit national functional medicine conferences regularly and know that Uta's Functional Gourmet is a solution so many of us doctors need for our patients and am hopeful that Uta's programs will soon be available on a national basis.

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