Raymond & Nina-Marie Cattaneo

Our life changed significantly. Around Ray's 1-year anniversary of bladder & prostate cancer diagnosis, we were facing diabetes and high blood pressure. (I say "we" because, if you go through even half of the health challenges we have gone through, health becomes a "we" factor.) Needless to say, our dietary needs changed significantly. No more pizza chased with ice cream! Our doctor's recommendation: No grains, No dairy, No sugars. Uta says: "Don"t worry!" She is fantastic! After working with Uta, our menu not only has all the flavors we love, but is prepared with wholesome ingredients that are good for us. We have a revamped kitchen and pantry, feel great and have lost a combined total of twenty-six pounds in the past two months. The weight loss was a bonus. We thank you Uta for the new and healthy way we are now eating and living.

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