Wendy Wiese, mother

Ever since Kevin (16) had been diagnosis with severe gluten, dairy and egg allergies, he not only missed his favorite foods but was challenged with the chalky and gooey consistencies of his medical foods. They were definitely helping him, but hard to get down on a daily basis. Thanks to Uta, Kevin is enjoying his favorite foods again: Chicken Parmesan, Beef Stroganoff, buttery Italian Bread Sticks and even Coconut Cream Pie—without gluten, dairy, nuts or egg! Then Uta started to work on his medical foods and developed a chocolate truffle that contains all of his essential lipids! Now it's just a truffle a day, washed down with a virgin Pina Colada smoothie! Although Kevin still misses eating some of the dishes at his favorite restaurants, he is definitely happier about his everyday food. Katie, my daughter, is also enjoying the same recipes!

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