Paula & Cindy Ault

I am caregiver to my sister Paula. I have only been doing this a short while but in that time I have seen my sister deteriorate dramatically. She suffers from multiple-chemical-sensitivity; allergies to all food groups, especially gluten; she has fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis in the neck -- and Parkinson's. Lately, her major complaint has been constipation; because of that she has been losing too much weight and eating so very little. She had become terrified of food and the effects it had on her racked body. One of Paula's doctors recommended Uta Birkmayer from Functional Gourmet. Paula, ever hopeful of a favorable outcome to what her doctors prescribe, was very anxious for any help Uta could give. Unlike so many of the treatments, medicines and attempts to ease her suffering, this experience with Uta has been a wonder that brings tears to my heart. Uta did all the shopping, providing me with a list of good foods to stock our shelves; she came to the house and, using our kitchen utensils and paraphernalia, she washed, chopped, cooked and packaged 16 days' worth of Paula's 4-Day-Rotation diet meals, at 3 meals a day. Before she began she had Paula taste test different ingredients unknown to us and Paula reacted to only two of them, so Uta did not use them. Uta stressed maintaining contact in order to tweak different recipes and make adjustments according to Paula's likes and dislikes, portion sizes, etc. From the first meal we ate (one additional meal Uta cooked after a very long day) for Paula, her husband Bill, and myself, we were all thrilled. Paula lost all anxiety about eating and had the first hearty meal she has had in 4 months! She slept well and woke up with hope and joy at the thought of a day filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. For me this experience has been a life-changer. Prior to watching and then tasting Uta's cooking, I avoided the kitchen like the plague. I love to eat but hate, hate, hate to cook. (My value in the kitchen is cleanup). The following night I jumped right in to cook Bill's and my dinner (Paula threatened both of us if we even thought about touching her food) without gnashing of teeth and was praised for a more than edible meal; it actually tasted GOOD. Uta is changing our lives. She has been a gift from God.

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