Personal Breakthrough: Sleep My Sleep Nightmare—and Finally A Solution!


Along with nutrition, sleep is one of the most important prerequisites for vibrant health. It’s in our sleep when our body restores itself through cell repair, does a full toxin cleanse, clears the mind, boost the immune system, regulate hunger hormones and pump out growth hormones.

The occasional “bad” night is inevitable… but I had been battling with 5 years of it. Of course I tried everything: nutrition, supplements, exercise, meditation, yoga, sauna and hypnosis; we had EMF checked in the bedroom, “healed” our water flow … yes, we even moved the bed, changed the color of our lightbulbs and painted the walls. In the end you think you are going insane!

By chance I read the Adrenal Reset Diet, which included a lot on non-dietary information I thought was worth trying out. And bingo! The breakthrough was the $3.99 BrainWave APP I downloaded onto my iPhone. You see, different states of mind are associated with specific brainwave frequencies that would be inaudible if played directly, but can be induced by playing two different audible binaural tones into each ear, which after being processed by the brain, are perceived as an inaudible low frequency beat matching the target brainwave frequency. As you listen your brainwaves fall into step with this inaudible binaural beat, and after a few minutes synchronize with the target frequency.

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Three Free NutriPortal™ Memberships!


In celebration of the NutriPortal™ now being LIVE on the Functional Gourmet site, I am giving away away three complimentary Personal Strategy Sessions with a one-month NutriPortal membership.

The NutriPortal™ is a web-based interface between practitioner and client. No more emailing, scanning and faxing back and fourth intake forms, recipes and other guidelines; no more looking for that email with all the recommendations; no more looking for that recipe when you're in the store or on a trip to Siberia! It's all there in your personal NutriPortal™! All your specific goals, strategies and data—plus your communications trail. 

To access your free memberships to the NutriPortal™ click here and follow the Personal Strategy Session signup. Upon checkout, enter the fGFREE100 coupon code. This will be limited to the first three signups.

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