Food Allergies

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dollarphotoclub_83314747.jpgWhile food sensitivity tests list all sort of foods we can be allergic to, true food allergies only involve proteins, which have not been broken down properly. Its mind boggling how many people nowadays have gluten and casein allergies, with egg white and other food allergies following close behind.

What actually happens? Well, if proteins don’t get broken down into their essential amino acids, something the body actually very much needs to function, these undigested and fairly large protein molecules end up in the small intestines and damage the intestinal lining. This allows them to sneak into the bloodstream where they are identified as a foreign object to be attacked by the immune system. This story is simplified but at the core of so many health problems that I cannot share this enough:

If you don’t digest your foods properly, they can actually damage your system and make your body attack itself. I see many dietary protocols where you avoid the foods you are allergic to, then slowly reintroduce foods over time, but most protocols fail to address the actual healing of the intestinal lining, resulting the more and more food allergies and sensitivities. An important dietary approach is to seal the gut walls and to give as much digestive support as possible. If given the proper rest and nutrient selection, the epithelial lining of the intestines is actually able to regenerate itself quite quickly. It takes a bit longer to calm down all of the inflammation and the body’s alerted immune system. So, patience is in order.

If you want to discuss your own food allergy issues confidentially, please send me your free assessment form.

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020
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