Personal Breakthrough: Sleep My Sleep Nightmare—and Finally A Solution!

b2ap3_thumbnail_SleepFeet.jpgAlong with nutrition, sleep is one of the most important prerequisites for vibrant health. It’s in our sleep when our body restores itself through cell repair, does a full toxin cleanse, clears the mind, boost the immune system, regulate hunger hormones and pump out growth hormones.

The occasional “bad” night is inevitable… but I had been battling with 5 years of it. Of course I tried everything: nutrition, supplements, exercise, meditation, yoga, sauna and hypnosis; we had EMF checked in the bedroom, “healed” our water flow … yes, we even moved the bed, changed the color of our lightbulbs and painted the walls. In the end you think you are going insane!

By chance I read the Adrenal Reset Diet, which included a lot on non-dietary b2ap3_thumbnail_BrainWaveAPP.JPGinformation I thought was worth trying out. And bingo! The breakthrough was the $3.99 BrainWave APP I downloaded onto my iPhone. You see, different states of mind are associated with specific brainwave frequencies that would be inaudible if played directly, but can be induced by playing two different audible binaural tones into each ear, which after being processed by the brain, are perceived as an inaudible low frequency beat matching the target brainwave frequency. As you listen your brainwaves fall into step with this inaudible binaural beat, and after a few minutes synchronize with the target frequency.

I had experienced this type of therapy when living in Japan in the 1990s. They had little parlors all over town where you paid $4,000 (app. $40 back then), were placed into a high-tech chair (with a clamshell lid!), donned ear phones and listen to some b2ap3_thumbnail_Sleep_20160130-225934_1.jpgmusic blended with a cocktail of Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta waves to arrive at a desired (usually more relaxed) state.

So, I knew this stuff worked—but was skeptical that the $3.99 APP would give me the desired results. The day my doctor gave me yet another list of supplements to try, I thought I’d give the APP a go first. As I was just reading the Sleep Secrets book, I has also started to very consciously reduce blue light towards the end of the day and by installing a free software on my computer (f.lux) that automatically changes the color of your computer to simulate daylight. So, over the following few days I tried a variety of BrainWave programs (Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep with Dreams, etc.) just for a few hours upon going to bed up to all night long. Wow! The first night I slept about 10 hours straight and every subsequent night at least 8 hours, sometimes more.

The iPhone headsets were somewhat uncomfortable if worn all night long, and they tangled up with my eye mask—which I had started wearing to block our all light (another really important component!). So, I searched and found this amazing $18.88 memory foam eye mask, with embedded built-in noise cancelling speakers. I am absolutely in love with this contraption (which b2ap3_thumbnail_Eyemask.JPGalso comes in a Wi-Fi version)

There has not been one sleepless night!

So, for any of you are not getting enough sleep, I urge you to try the combination of BrainWave therapy with light therapy. The Sleep Secrets book is free with Amazon Prime and gives lots of information about light therapy—an absolute must-read, and an easy one at that!

How are you sleeping? What have you tries? What has worked for you? Please comment below!

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020
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