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b2ap3_thumbnail_Dollarphotoclub_88282543.jpgNature is a powerful mechanism. Humans have interacted with nature for millennia, nurtured our bodies with its foods and naturally followed our cravings, which is our body’s way of telling us what it needs to get back into balance. We have learned to use foods for healing and balancing. With the introduction of agriculture and large amounts of grains to our diet, health, average life span and body height actually declined until we figured out how to prepare those foods to better nourish our bodies. In all cultures, however, people became knowledgeable about using food in regaining optimal health. That’s using Real Food, which contain real nutrients and have been prepared to maximize their nutritional quality and minimize anti-nutrients.

It’s a very simple formula: eat whole real food. Prepare food properly. Listen to your body’s messages and learn from the wisdom of your ancestors. The latter is becoming more difficult, because things have started to break down in the last 3-4 generations. What happened?

Industrialization. Food Giants. GMO. Food Additives. Food Politics. Food Marketing. I could spend an entire year of posts on what happened: we became disconnected from real food and the wisdom of our ancestors. It’s been several generations since whole local foods were properly and seasonally prepared in the home. Having to read food labels is not natural. Neither is “learning” from advertisements and believing “research” sponsored by food giants. The problem is, where do we go for knowledge? Whom do we trust?

Trust yourself. Trust your taste buds. Trust your body that it knows real food.

Take your family to the farmers market. Buy what is locally grown, which is automatically what’s seasonally available in your area and therefore looks great. Don’t know what it is and what to do with it? Don’t worry. Buy it anyway and have an adventure! Google recipes/health benefits and have a tasting event with family and friends. Steam a few vegetables and enjoy with whole salt and some olive oil or grass-fed butter. Grill a locally harvested steak. Steam some local fish. Scramble some fresh local pastured eggs with herbs grown in your backyard. Learn how to ferment vegetables …Get addicted to real flavors, seasonal specialties and fresh crops that are packed with nutrients. Your body will relearn to love and crave what’s good for it and no longer crave addictive boxed foods, artificial condiments and exotic fruit flown in from the other side of the world. Yes, you can recalibrate your body to crave the food it needs—you just have to give it a chance, without force, but with enjoyment, love and a sense of adventure. At the same time, clean out the junk in your pantry to make room for some new basic staples.

The results: eating becomes less complicated, more nutrient-dense, more communal and more connected. Body and soul is nourished so you may you’re your authentic life and meaningfully connecting you to the world around you.

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020
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