Superfood: Beets

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dollarphotoclub_63597724.jpgBeets are rich in betaine, which stimulates liver cell function and provides a protective effect for the liver and bile ducts.

Beets are just one of the many foods that can help to support proper healthy bile flow and detoxify the body. I personally love beets and have several recipes for their use. Beets are in season summer through winter. Be sure to purchase organic beets with the tops and use both. Consider taking the very top of the beet where the leaves attach and shredding it up as a slaw to eat daily if possible, especially if you have a sluggish gallbladder. It’s also delicious mixed with grated carrot and apple, and seasoned with gingerroot, lemon juice, sea salt and olive oil. 

Beets have a tremendous regenerating effect on the body, and for those recovering from digestive ailments beets help to can be used a digestive aid. It is an excellent tonic for the blood as it alkalizes the blood, promotes regularity and it helps cleanse the liver by stimulating bile production.

Raw beet juice and beet salads are most potent, but cooked beets are a good way to get started, if you want to avoid shocking your system. Beet juice or beet kvass is also helpful in healing the gallbladder, or important for those without a gallbladder as it helps to thin out the bile. If the bile is too thick the liver and gallbladder get congested and problems start to occur. The betaine in beets is what aids digestion, as well as helps to promote healthy stomach acid and juices. The nice thing about drinking beet kvass is you get all the nutritive value of the beets without all the sugar content and the added benefit or lactic acid bacteria. Beets are also loaded with minerals, fermenting them only enhances their nutritive properties.

One of the easiest way to get started with beets and to get tour bile flowing is to make a simple beet smoothie: blend together 1 small or ½ large beetroot, 1-2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 peeled cucumber, ½ avocado, 1 inch of ginger and juice from a lemon or lime. Add enough water to liquefy. The inclusion of the avocado (or other fats) is important to stimulate bile release, so make sure you don’t go fat-free while cleansing—and don’t rely 100% on coconut oil, which does not need bile for digestion.

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Thursday, 06 August 2020
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