The Gift of Self to the World Around You

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dollarphotoclub_79617453.jpgImagine being in a job that doesn’t feel like a job at all because it requires you to do something you’d do anyway, even if you weren’t getting paid for it? But they pay you anyway and you wonder …”can this be happening?”

You’ve probably been around people who are totally into a hobby or their work and have a certain magnetic energy and glow about them that makes them a joy to be around. As a matter of fact, we seek such people out.

I will never forget walking into an aromatherapy shop a few years ago. I was really down but something magically drew me in. The owner did not say a word, but immediately sensed what I needed and lovingly laid a scented warm fragrant pillow around my neck. No words were spoken. My spirits lifted and I felt myself smiling and feeling better with every breath I took. This aromatherapist and I became good friends. She had a natural talent to sense what people needed to balance and she knew how to help with her essential oil blends. She was one of the happiest people I knew and she was completely in her element—and was well rewarded for her talent. Now just imagine if she were stuck in an administrative job. She’d hate it and probably wouldn’t be very good at it. Her work days would seem endless. She would look at her paycheck and wonder why she made so little for something that was such a chore. Not much fun to be around and the waste of an incredible talent that would have made life better for so many.

We should all aim to find that place in our lives. We all have unique talents that need a path to make their contribution to humanity in the most positive way. Best of all, imagine what a happy place the world would be if more of us were closer to that place where we nourish our authentic self? Would that not be the ultimate gift to yourself and others?

I challenge you to look at this holiday season as a place and a time to get closer to yourself. Find what makes you happy and what serves others … and remember, sometimes you cannot imagine how your passion will serve others. Do not dwell on that, these things just kind of happen themselves.

So, for the holidays—think about yourself. Give yourself to you. Focus on getting to know yourself; accept your strengths and weaknesses; be clear on what you love and where you want to go.
One of my favorite techniques is Morning Pages. You simply write three pages every morning, no matter what comes to mind. Buy yourself a notebook! You’re worth it!

Here’s a great video on it:

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020
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