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Dollarphotoclub 84913407 smallMost of us live in cultures that rewards the skinny and lean and we're obsessed with losing weight. And so we stop eating, go on low-fat, low-calorie or detox diets and juice cleanses. Then we eat again and gain back more weight than we have just lost. Then you diet again...and again and eventually just looking at food will put on the pounds! What's going on? And, why can the happy SKINNY person next to you in a restaurant polish off an entire bread basket and a totally normal plate of pasta—and look happy and vibrant, and, no, not one bit guilty.

It's called Metabolism.

While short-term cleanses and fasts have successfully been used by many cultures, constant dieting on under 1,500 calories a day, eating fat-free and omitting entire macro-nutrient groups will ruin your metabolism. Your body is an intelligent being and has learned to survive in famines. If you are putting your body through constant famine situations, it will react intelligently and simply burn less calories so you can survive.

While we are not talking about real starvation, where people die from getting too few calories, we are talking about the effect of yo-yo dieting, where we eat too little and the body adapts leading to instant weight gain when we aim to eat normally.

fastmetabolism1It appears to be a vicious cycle. In the end you seem to be able to eat nothing without gaining weight.

But is it possible to repair your Metabolism?

Yes it is.

And you actually have to eat quite a lot to retrain your body to burn adequate calories. Haylie Pomroy developed a pretty amazing Fast Metabolism Diet which aims to do just that. She has literally figured out a way to train your body through food without counting calories. It's a basic 3-phase approach, where you rotate what you are eating throughout the week to induce physiological changes in your body that will set your metabolism on fire. It takes one week to complete 3 phases and you'll need to do at least 4 cycles, but you can keep going as long as you feel you need.

Phase one is 2 days and is filled with healthy carbs and protein
Phase two is 2 days and is filled with protein and veggies
Phase three is 3 days filled with healthy carbs, protein and good fats

fastmetabolism2Each Phase focuses on different whole, healthy foods to calm your adrenal glands, reduce stress on your liver, and feed your thyroid so it can produce the hormones T3 and T4, the superstars of a fast metabolism. You'll reduce stress, too—and as a result, put the damper on the belly-fat hormone, cortisol. By keeping your metabolism guessing, you'll get it working faster.

Furthermore, each of the phases is coupled with the optimal exercise program for fat-burning: cardio during phase one, resistance during phase two and yoga, meditation and massage (yes!) during phase 3 (obviously everyone's favorite phase!).

The protocol is gluten- and dairy-free but does include grains and legumes. If you are suffering from digestive disorders and autoimmune conditions, I suggest focusing on repairing the digestive system first, before embarking on this protocol.

Any metabolism questions or experiences? Please comment below!

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