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Epicurean Package—$199

 A complete one-time evaluation with monthly follow-up tests and personalized follow-up support. 

$ 175.00

 /  1 month


The Ultimate Transformation Package, featuring continuous assessments, tracking and personalized one-on-one sessions every month. Take your health to the ultimate level!

The Epicurean Package includes:

  • A thorough Health and Nutritional Assessment
  • A 90-minute personal strategy session via phone, web or in person (San Luis Obispo, CA only). All web sessions will be recorded and accessible in the NutriPortal™
  • A complete personal strategy plan: 3 and 6-month nutrition goals, nutrition plan, supplement plan, recipes and session summary
  • Downloadable nutritional and health guidelines and other nutrituional tools. All recommendations will be available through your online NutriPortal™, a personal web-based platform you may access from anywhere and on any device.
  • Monthly personal one-on-one session/s totalling 45 minutes (can be web, phone or messaging)
  • Monthly Nutritional Assessment test
  • Monthly supplement review
  • Food journal evaluations
  • Recipe tweaks
  • Strategy tweaks as needed
  • Communication with Uta within the NutriPortal™
  • Access to all above information for $175/month
  • You may downgrade to the Gourmet or Connoisseur Plan at any time.
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