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Connoisseur Package—$219

 A complete one-time evaluation with personalized follow-up support. 

$ 95.00

 /  1 month


This advanced package features unlimited access to your personal nutrition information in your NutriPortal™ plus monthly assessments and progress tracking. If you are committed to turn your health around and value professional support, this package will help you take charge of your health.

The Connoisseur Package includes:

  • A thorough Health and Nutritional Assessment
  • A 90-minute personal strategy session via phone, web or in person (San Luis Obispo, CA only). All web sessions will be recorded and accessible in the NutriPortal™
  • A complete personal strategy plan: 3 and 6-month nutrition goals, nutrition plan, supplement plan, recipes and session summary
  • Downloadable nutritional and health guidelines and other nutritional tools. All recommendations will be available through your online NutriPortal™, a personal web-based platform you may access from anywhere and on any device.
  • Montly Nutritional Assessment test
  • Food journal evaluations
  • Strategy tweaks as needed
  • Communication with Uta within the NutriPortal™
  • Access to all above information for $95/month
  • You may upgrade to the Connoisseur Plan or downgrade to the Gourmet Plan at any time.
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