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Picture12Intake Session

Nutritional Therapy identifies the root causes of deficiencies or imbalances that may be making you sick or keeping you from optimal health. We are all bio-individual beings and Functional Gourmet’s specific assessment process identifies specific imbalances in your body chemistry. These imbalances or nutritional deficiencies are corrected through diet, lifestyle changes and targeted nutrients so you can regain health and vitality.  A sophisticated online intake process will conveniently gather all client information online while a custom client portal will keep all your nutritional recommendations at your fingertips. 

You will be submitting several assessments prior your 90-minute Intake Session:

1. A comprehensive Intake Form, which you may complete oline or in print

2. A 3-Day Food Journal, where you will records all foods and beverages on three consecutive days. 

3. Lastly, you will complete the Nutri-Q, the most comprehensive nutritional analysis tool available, which will generate a detailed picture of symptoms and burdens in your body. 

All three assessments in combination allow a powerful insight into bodily dysfunctions and as a nutritional therapist, Uta will be able to craft a sustainable and effective nutritional and lifestyle strategy for you. Follow-up programs are highly recommended.

2-hour in-person session $600


Picture8Session PLANS

It is recommended to work with a coach for at least six months to successfully implement. THose follow-up sessions may occur in person, via web conferencing, phone, or email

Package of six  (6)1-hour sessions $1,900

Package of twelve (12) 1-hour sessions $3,500

Individual Follow-up session $350





Intake Session plus six (6) Follow-up Sessions $2,250

Intage Session plus twelve (12) Follow-up Sessions $3,800



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